Bringing Rural Communities Together
Central Illinois Connection encourages small towns in Central Illinois to work together to foster economic growth, enthusiasm, and connectedness.
Central Illinois Connection Center
A place for rural communities to connect by bringing together youth, senior citizens, agriculture, art, and more.
Activity Stations
At the center, the walls are covered with fun and educational activity stations where kids can learn about agriculture, life skills, history, and much more!
The Haymow Room
The second floor of the Connection Center was uniquely designed to look like a haymow room! Children can swing on swings hung from the rafters, look out onto the pasture, collect eggs from the nesting box, and even play dress up!
Free Weekly Activities
Kids can build and create crafts at the center for free! New activities are available every week. Follow the link to see a list of our weekly activities!


Rural communities are declining. Our desire is to change that! We believe the solution is for small towns to work together as a whole to foster economic growth, enthusiasm, and "community-connectedness."


We want to help Central Illinois thrive by engaging youth, enhancing the benefits of living here, connecting people and resources, creating employment opportunities, increasing tourism, and encouraging economic development.


We're looking to connect community leaders. Whether you're a leader in business, agriculture, education, or more; we could use your help in providing opportunities for growth in rural Central Illinois.